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I’ve paid my dues as a backpacker, so a little bit of luxury now and then when travelling is certainly always welcome. Especially when on a relaxing beach holiday. With the end of Winter not quite in sight yet, I find myself daydreaming about Summer and nostalgically looking through holiday photos of my time in Croatia. With a day spent lounging at the exclusive Bonj ‘les bains’ beach club in Hvar and a view like this, it’s easy to see why it creates such wanderlust on these grey London days.

Bonj 'les bains', with Amfora in the background

Bonj ‘les bains’, with Amfora in the background

Located in a private bay we stayed at the premium Amfora, Hvar grand beach resort. Only a few minutes walk along the paved waterfront into the main historic area of Hvar town, Mum and I had our eyes on the waterfront day beds each time we passed Bonj ‘les bains’.

Nestled into the side of a hill, the private beach club has a prime seafront location right into the crystal clear blue water of the Adriatic.

Never in my life have I seen such clear, clean water as what I did in Croatia. Just mind the sea urchin which are abundant in the waters there. You’ll know about it if you get their spikes in your hand, or foot (like poor Mike did in Dubrovnik). We saw a few other victims tourists during our holiday armed with olive oil, which helps draw the spikes out, or you can also use vinegar to help dissolve them. Sea urchins are fussy and only live in clean water, so it is a good sign to see them around, just be cautious.

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Pontoon

Booking our own private pontoon for the day at ‘Bonj ‘les bains’ was easy through the helpful concierge at Amfora. Also part of the of the resort, the beach club is just a minutes walk from the Hotel. Included for up to six adults for the day was a baldachin – a canopy day bed – four sunbeds, an umbrella, towels, our own private stone cabana (a changing area with bi-folding doors and a couch if a break from the sun was needed) and the all important wi-fi.

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Daybed

Not a bad view for the day!

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Reading 2

My parents settled in and got into the groove very quickly.

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Caesar Lunch

While my parents opted to eat at the restaurant for lunch, I had a delicious Caesar salad and Piña Colada (a compulsory holiday cocktail) delivered to the pontoon.

The only time I dragged myself away from the baldachin and seaviews was for a mother/daughter manicure and pedicure spa date near town. If you prefer to be pampered without leaving the comfort of Bonj ‘les bains’, they do have an onsite spa, Sensori Ô.

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Baldachin views

Lying on the day bed, with the curtains gently flapping in the breeze and listening to the water slowly lapping against the rocks, it was a day of pure relaxation and comfort. When the heat of the day got too much, it was easy to slip into the refreshing azure ocean at our feet.

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_My Office

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Working

My dream office! I wouldn’t mind working on a laptop with these views everyday.

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Other Sun Revellers

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Moet

My stepdad knew better than to ask the cost for our day of luxury when a bottle of Moët arrived, which was included in the price. There are other (cheaper) rental options at the beach club for those who just want a sunbed, but we decided to go for the full experience (when in Rome).

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Daybed End Of Day

Bonj Les Bains Beach Club Hvar_Champagne Glass

As the sun set, I toasted to the day and was sad to say goodbye to my luxury pontoon paradise. Luckily upstairs the Bonj ‘steak & seafood’ restaurant & lounge wasn’t too far away for dinner, which served some of the most delicious food we ate on the island. Loved the overall experience and the staff were attentive and helpful.

Seafront paradises,

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  • Gin

    This place looks wonderful!! How much does it cost to rent a pantoon for a day?

  • Kirstie Storrie

    Thanks for sharing about the pontoons. We got one last Sunday and it was amazing! Probably wouldn’t even have known about it if it wasn’t for your blog. Was a brilliant day 🙂

    • Hi Kirstie, thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad my post was helpful. Isn’t it an amazing spot to lounge for the day! Happy you enjoyed it too. I want to go back!

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  • I can spend the rest of my days in Les Bains’ Beach Club! It s so wonderul!

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  • Amazing! I bet it was hard to leave at the end of this holiday. With all the grey skies in London, I would love to be relaxing on a private pontoon bed. I am going to Croatia in September this year and cannot wait.

    • Wow! I had eight days sailing around the island of Dugi Otok further north, off Zadar in August 2012. I agree with you about the clean blue ocean for multiple daily swims and whenever we moored, little boats would come around to collect our mooring fees and take away the rubbish. It was an idyllic holiday

      • Sounds very idyllic! I could easily return to Croatia every Summer. It’s so beautiful. I would love to sail around some of the islands in the future. What did you think of Dugi Otok and Zadar?

    • It was SO hard to leave Sammy! Such an amazing place and it was a fun and relaxing holiday. Where are you going to in September? Pack me in your suitcase! x