Palm Trees Vis Island_Croatia

Trawling through pages of glossy magazines and travel brochures, it’s always the exotic locations that catch my eye. Azure blue oceans, infinity pools, palm trees, and rooms built out over the ocean. I can get lost for hours imagining myself in far-away, breathtaking locations.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and love adventure, but there’s something about those idyllic images that takes me to my happy place.

Private Taxi Boat_Vis_Croatia Ocean

While holidaying in Croatia, we spent several nights on the unspoilt island, Vis. For ease of seeing local caves and remote swimming bays, we decided to hire a private boat for a day of exploring.

After visiting the inside of the magnificent blue cave and swimming in the sun rays of the iconic green cave, we ventured to another beach before anchoring in Smokova Vela bay.

Relaxing in Vis_Croatia

Cooling off in the refreshing, clear ocean – happily welcomed in the Summer heat, I climbed back on board and lay at the front of the boat.

It was then, as the sun warmed my skin that it hit me.

Blue Ocean_Smokova Vela Bay_Vis Croatia

Croatia sun sea yacht_Smokova Vela Bay_Vis

Looking at the view past my stretched out feet, I had to pinch myself. Right at that moment I was actually in one of the magazine photos I constantly wanderlust after.

Anchored in a secluded bay on a beautiful blue sky day, the sun reflecting off the clear turquoise ocean watching a yacht in the distance, vibrant blues and greens surrounded me. I didn’t have a care in the world, except enjoying my present state of bliss.

It can be easy to get caught up in travel and be focused on what’s next, so remember to pay attention to your surroundings and take everything in as it’s happening. You might just be living one of your dream moments.

This post is part of a monthly bloggers link-up hosted by Emma, Rebecca and Kelly. Check out their blogs for more ‘pinch me’ travel moments from other travellers.

Memorable moments,

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  • How divine those waters look. I quite agree, there is something so restive about azure oceans, gently lapping.

  • Croatia is so beautiful, you’ve really captured it well in your pics! Gorgeous

  • Im loving this series.
    I absolutely know that ‘pinch me’ feeling- its a nice way to reflect on adventures 🙂 x

  • The island has so much colour we ended us buying a house on Vis and running a business. I am sure you will be back and when you are you should contact us so we can take you kayaking. Sitting on a kayak is the best way to explore the islands caves and coves.

  • So beautiful!! I just booked a week on a yacht in Croatia and this post has made me so excited

  • Love the post – and the jandal tan snap! 🙂

  • Hey Nicole, I’m so glad you had a pinch me moment in Croatia – it’s such a gorgeous country and takes me breath away at times with it’s beauty. Thank you so much for joining in the travel link up xx

  • I follow someone on Instagram who is living in Croatia and every single picture he posts looks like a postcard! You are so lucky to have been able to go and see this for yourself! I could use a day or two of relaxing…

  • Amazing, so often the glossy brochure oversells the trip…but your photos are even better!

  • Oh i love that, living a moment you have wanderlusted after in a magazine – a real pinch me moment!

  • Definitely a pinch me moment.

  • Just gorgeous. I love those times when you realise you’ve made it and you just think “I’m here”. It’s the best feeling ever!

    • Thanks Clare! It was so exciting to realise I was in one of my travel brochure moments. Definitely the best feeling 🙂