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The world is full of inspiring individuals. The reasons as varied as the amount of people who are getting out there and making a difference. This month Ché and I were lucky to get the chance to meet and train with Kim Ingleby at a motivating HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workshop.

Kim Ingleby 2

Nicole Che and Kim Ingleby

Fitness boutique, Sweaty Betty Wimbledon hosted the evening with Kim – one of their empowering brand ambassadors. Kim is such an inspiring and driven woman. She is one of UK’s leading Mind Body Experts, founder of Energised Performance, regularly trains Team GB athletes and celebrities and won the Global Life Fitness Trainer Award 2013/14. This is on top of being an athlete herself, a writer and motivational speaker. Phew!

Kim Ingleby 4

Nicole with Kim Ingleby Motivation

The workshop started with a half hour goal-setting session with questions for us to answer, before Kim shared her own story with recent fitness and health challenges.

Writing goals 3

Discussion with Kim Ingleby

The room was completely engaged as Kim shared her advice. She was full of knowledge, helpful information and has a genuine passion for helping others believe in themselves and achieve their goals – mind and body. Her love for what she does really shines through.

Being someone who wants to achieve everything at once, I took away just how important it is to only focus on a maximum of three areas of my life at any one time. When Kim is training for an event, training and nutrition are a major focus, so other areas need to be sacrificed such as time socialising. When she isn’t training as hard, she has more time for the other areas. It’s finding that balance at any one time and knowing what your focus is on. Whether it is career, nutrition, sleep, travel, friends, family, fun, or wealth, the key to keeping motivated is only focusing on three. Trying to do everything at once usually leads to feeling overwhelmed and less motivation overall to do any.

HIIT with Kim Ingleby

After goal setting and a warm up, it was straight into our Tabata HIIT workout. I wish I could say here that I breezed through, but that would be lying. It was the most challenging workout I’ve ever done and it was only 16 minutes.

Yes, you heard right. 16 minutes.

HIIT with Kim Ingleby 4

HIIT with Kim Ingleby 12

HIIT is short, intense exercise with shorter resting time. We did four exercises, each exercise lasting for four minutes. 20 seconds working with a 10 second rest, then repeat. This workout pushed me physically and mentally and my legs even refused to function properly for a week afterwards. It’s good to mix-up training and to challenge yourself in new ways. Only then do you know just how much you are capable of.

Push Ups

My face says it all. You want us to do what?!

Kim Ingleby 7

Stretching with Kim Ingleby 9

Stretching with Kim Ingleby 5

Post workout we all had a good body stretching session.


Happy with ourselves after the class and we’re still all smiling.

Do you have any fitness goals for this year, or have something new you’ve been wanting to try? Grab a friend and give it a go. If you are in London, check out Swetty Betty’s free classes here, which they offer to encourage local communities to get active.

Goodie Bags

A big thank you to Sweaty Betty Wimbledon for hosting the evening (and our goodie bags), Kim for taking such a motivating workshop and Vince for being our fabulous photographer. I definitely think you had the easier job.

All photographs are copyright and courtesy of Vincent Starr.

Get that body moving,

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