A Life Less Beige

Beige to me is a metaphor for being comfortable. It’s safe. Less challenging.

It’s my comfort zone.

I realised awhile ago I wanted to improve some areas of my life. I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be and this was due to making excuses and not doing anything about it. I wasn’t challenging myself, or making the changes needed. A light bulb moment hit and A Life Less Beige was born. This is me saying ‘Yes!’ to life and not letting it pass me by.

Living less beige to me is living with purpose, self-love, balance, adding more colour and making the most of life. It’s about doing and adding value.

For me this takes shape in being happy and connecting with other positive, like-minded friends, being inspired daily, travel, being creative, having a healthy mind and body, regular exercise, being grateful, trying new things, learning and setting goals that challenge me. It is living a life I love and making my visions come true.

Nothing is impossible. Some things just take more work and determination.

Consciously living less beige is unique because it will mean something different to everyone. It celebrates individuality.

Growing up my Mum loved frequently enriching my life by providing me with lots of new experiences. This included things like hiking, camping and even staying in a Fijian village for a week with no running water, or power – end of the world for a teenage girl!

All of these experiences have shaped me into who I am today – the sense of adventure it created, the people I have met, the fun, even what I found hard and made me uncomfortable was building my character.

With each passing year I thought I must surely have enough character by now. I was wrong. Apparently you can never have too much.

Christmas presents started to include an ‘experience’ – a voucher for something I had never tried. My fate for the coming year sealed in an envelope sitting under our tree.

After a challenging weekend horse trekking one year, seeing that envelope under our tree the following year caused mixed emotions in the days leading up to Christmas.

Looking back, I am so grateful to my Mum for enriching my life and opening me up to so much. Yes, there were moments of discomfort, of frustration and moments wondering why I couldn’t just have a new stereo, or Game Boy like my friends. But I now realise that it isn’t the ‘things’ that are important in life. It’s the experiences.

Pushing my comfort zones (though still just as uncomfortable at times) is my normal. I learned that nothing is ever as bad as I what I build it up to be in my head.

Challenging myself and doing things that seem hard, or scare me make me feel alive. Achieving personal goals, both mental and physical makes me realise I am capable and have unlimited potential.

That once feared envelope is my favourite present each year. And the year that caused me the most worry ended up being a fabulous massage voucher.

Join me in living a life you love.

Be brave to make change,

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  • Yayyyy, cheers to your blog that it’s up and running! Wish you the best. It’s all good from now 😀

    • Thank you Jocelina! It’s exciting to have it all up and running 🙂 I look forward to growing the content steadily.

  • Ashlee

    Beautiful post Nicole 🙂 Just beautiful. Bets of luck for this journey AND I can’t wait to hear more and learn more about you xx

    • That is so sweet Ashlee. Thank you for your lovely comment. I look forward to what is to come and connecting with other fabulous people 🙂 Keep in touch x

  • I love your blog already, Nicole! I’m so glad to see you’ve started! Wish you the best with it, looking forward to follow it 🙂 Hugs from Norway

    • Thanks for stopping by Marie. Hope to see you again during the travels x

  • Stacey

    Congratulations! It’s so great to see your blog up and running after so much hard work and research in the name of change 🙂 Joining you all the way Xx

    • Thank you Stacey. Helps having lovely, supportive friends like yourself 🙂 xx

  • Love this! I find out something new about you everyday & I’m so excited to be on this journey with you, gorgeous. Here’s to living a more colourful life…a life less beige. xoxo

    • Thank you Jen! I’m excited about our journeys too. Love the coincidence with our blog names. To living a life less beige… creating a colourful life xxx

  • What a beautiful first post. I’m glad you finally started the blog and I wish you all the best for it.
    Lots of love xx

    • Glad you enjoyed Sara. Looking forward to many more. Thank you for your support x