Snorkelling in Vietnam

Some opportunities come about just once in a lifetime; especially those that make you feel giddy with excitement like going on a first date. When they appear, take that leap and go for it. Embrace the new challenge and put yourself out there.

I had a dream that I was travelling and taking part in exciting new opportunities, representing a brand I love while living spontaneously AND it was all being paid for.


It wasn’t a dream. are ACTUALLY looking for a spontaneity champion and are funding up to £50k for a year of spontaneous travel and experiences to one deserving aspirant.

Passionate about travel? Tick… Spontaneous? Tick… Love trying new things? Tick! Sign me up.

There was one minor detail of having to put together a video as part of the entry. It wasn’t an area of expertise for me (aka had never put together a video before), but I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way. I spent all weekend watching YouTube tutorials and shooting videos around London (with the assistance of my fabulous accomplice Mike, who even forfeited watching the All Blacks vs Ireland rugby game to help me).

It was a fun new challenge. Not only did I enjoy putting it together, but it also got me to be a tourist in my own city and look at places I have been before differently.

The Final Product

Let me know what you think of my video entry in the comments. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for when the semi-finalists are announced on 6 December. Such an incredible opportunity that aligns perfectly with my goals and loves in life.

I love nothing more than travelling somewhere on a whim and being spontaneous. I enjoy the mystery, the thrill of the unknown, being flexible and the excitement that feeling free brings.

A Past Spontaneous Getaway

One Friday afternoon I called a best friend of mine (who lived in a different part of New Zealand) to ask if she wanted to go to Sydney, Australia the following day with me for the weekend.

She thought I was a bit crazy, hung up, then called me back a couple of hours later and agreed. We booked and less than 12 hours later – including a three hour international flight – we met in Sydney for a fun, spontaneous getaway.

Sometimes the best plans are the ones that are unplanned.

Embracing spontaneity,

Sticker on post

On a recent Saturday morning in East London a group of enthusiastic bloggers and creatives eagerly met (most for the first time) to take part in The Photo Hunt – a photography/social media scavenger hunt initiative organised by Che, Lulu and Bobbi. Their aim – to provide an interactive event for bloggers, photographers and creatives to engage and connect in a fun and inspiring environment.

Earlier in the week we had been pre-assigned to our teams and introduced by email. Great for those feeling a bit nervous about going to an event on their own and it meant we could be familiar with (aka stalk) each others blogs before meeting on the day.

The Pink Cupcakes

Team names were drawn at random and our teammate trio of Jessi, Sarah and myself became femininely named Pink Cupcakes.

Being briefed

Team off

Mobile phone

After being briefed, all the teams were off and the social media frenzy around Shoreditch and Brick Lane began. Instagrams, tweets and hashtags were loaded en masse as teams competed for sponsored spot prizes and winner bragging rights.

The Photo Hunt Challenges


The Photo Hunt Hiding

Teams had two and a half hours to complete 50 tasks of different point values which included Shoreditch graffiti, a team pyramid, headstands, squishing into a phone box and a running race with a stranger.

There was no time to be shy while asking strangers for photos and to be included in our photo challenges. The toughest – getting a stranger to run a race with me! Perhaps they were afraid of being beaten by a girl…?

Group Photo

Back at our starting point – BOXPARK (a cool, innovative pop-up mall in Shoreditch), event sponsors Milk Tea & Pearl, FalafeLicious and Chobani kindly re-fueled the photo hunters while scores were tallied and prizes given. Much needed and most welcomed after all the running around while photo hunting.

Lulu Che Bobbi

A big thank you to Lulu, Che, and Bobbi for doing such a fantastic job organising The Photo Hunt and bringing like minded creatives together. Look forward to joining you at the next event.

Want to join in the fun? Get along to The Photo Hunt in London on March 1, 2014. Not only will you get to meet and network with other bloggers offline, you will have a lot of laughs. Hope to see you there.

Photo credits: The Photo Hunt (2,9) Berry Diaries (1,4), Today, I’m Bobbi. (3,5,10), Midnight Rambler (7), Two Feet, One World (8)

Join the hunt,

If you change nothing Nothing will change

Do you make excuses when it comes to exercising?

Don’t be shy. Guiltily I have to raise my hand and confess I am one of those people.

I want to love exercise and I admire those who do – I follow a lot of health and fitness pages that constantly provide inspiration. Over the years I have had periods of being committed to the gym – I enjoy doing weights, but have never really achieved significant changes. I didn’t understand how important the right weight, reps and nutrition were when strength training to create the desired result.

For some time I have wanted to make changes and improve my fitness to see what my body is capable of. Not just to be healthier, but to also be stronger and build a lean physique.

I kept hoping this would all just miraculously happen without having to do any of the work, but we all know that isn’t how anything in life gets achieved. To get results, action and commitment is required.

Emily Skye

One of my most admired health and fitness ambassadors is Australian born Emily Skye. She has transformed herself for the positive in her words “from skinny, insecure and depressed to fit, happy and confident.”

Emily is not only gorgeous on the inside and out, but she also radiates health and confidence. She is a positive role model who encourages others to be their best through her health and fitness motivation.

The Plan

Emily Skye 30 Day ShredIn August I purchased Emily’s new 30 Day Shred fitness programme. I had great intentions of starting, but let life my excuses get in the way.

“I’m too tired.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I have a weekend away and other commitments this month.”

Sound familiar?

Well, today my excuses for not exercising stop. For the next 30 days I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and dedicating myself to following Emily Skye’s programme to kick start my healthier lifestyle.

In the plan Emily provides advice, meal plans, recipes, cooking tips, shopping lists, workouts, stretches and videos of each exercise for correct technique. There is also a daily video for added inspiration and support.

Looking forward to seeing what results I can achieve.

Making change,