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Hi there. Nice to meet you!

I’m Nicole. A girl with big dreams on a mission to live my best life, see the world and make a difference. I want to inspire and empower others to believe in themselves and realise how extraordinary they are by sharing my own knowledge and experiences.

I believe…

…in loving yourself, valuing your self-worth and living your best authentic life;

…that you are capable of designing a life you love. You just need to believe in yourself and start taking action;

…in doing what makes you happy. Life is too short to not do what you enjoy. Make it count;

…in surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded friends and family;

…in living up to your potential;

…in living a life with balance;

I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer and have always been creative – since I was old enough to hold a crayon according to my Mum. After nine years and some destructive choices I started to feel burned out; I struggled for inspiration and experienced what I guess must be the equivalent of writer’s block.

This was a really scary time for me. Design was what I did. It was how I identified myself. If I wasn’t creative, who was I? While I was vulnerable my inner mean girl took over. You know the one. The voice that tells you you’re not good enough, that you’re not okay. It brings you down. Compares you to others. I went off track for some time. My self-esteem was at an all time low. I walked away from everything creative and felt empty and lost.

They say every cloud has a silver lining. For me, that came in the shape of the Canterbury earthquakes; a series of devastating events in New Zealand which really put into perspective what was important to me. It hit home I can have all the plans I want, but some things in life can’t be factored in and are out of my control. What I do have control over though is my happiness, my health and my life. I have control over what I choose to do with the time that I do have.

I have decided to live my life well and to the fullest and share the journey with other positive, passionate people.

Already having itchy feet and hooked on traveling, I decided to move to London to see more of the world and open myself to new opportunities.

I love going to new countries, taking tons of photos, being surrounded by new cultures and getting off the tourist path. I love the feeling of freedom and the sense of adventure.

This is my time. For me. A time to explore the world, learn from my past, keep making positive changes and choose to live my best life now.

The path is under construction. I love the challenge of knowing that I can build it to take me anywhere I want to be. And I can change it as I go. Anything is possible as part of my living a life less beige.

So, this is my journey. This is me creating my ideal life, achieving my goals and making my dreams a reality.

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